The Future of Business

Our impact-driven global event series

At a time of unprecedented challenges, the need for investors to contribute to help achieve the 17 U.N. Sustainable Development Goals is paramount and Business for Peace is paving the way with the Future of Business programme. Currently in its pilot phase, the programme will host five investor forums across Africa in early 2021. Pilot countries include Ghana, Rwanda, Nigeria, Uganda, and Kenya.

Our programme calls for a mindset change amongst business leaders, employees, investors, and NGO’s to recognize that business can do well and do good at the same time. The Future of Business’s mission is to nurture this mindset change through its three pillars: inspire, educate, and connect.

A main component of these forums is to implement the use of the SDG Investor Maps, where impact investors can connect and partner with local businesses to fund their sustainability challenges and increase long-term, in-country capital flows. SDG Impact provides investors and businesses the clarity, insights, and tools required to support and authenticate their contribution to achieving the SDGs.

Our matchmaking sessions combine the traditional elements of investing and purpose, thus providing a more collective understanding of how impact investing builds regenerative economies.

In parallel to our tailored matchmaking sessions, a local pitch competition for SDG-aligned startups will be hosted in collaboration with our local partners. This will be an opportunity for established businesses to share the specific sustainability challenge they need help addressing and/or funding.
For more information, visit our Future of Business website.